About Lookout Software, LLC.
Lookout Software, LLC. was established in the summer of 2003 by a group of software engineers, product managers, and other software professionals with the goal of providing small and mid-sized businesses with a more cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server for sharing Outlook calendars.

Considering the rising costs of licensing Exchange Server, including purchasing and maintaining the hardware required in order for it to operate properly, along with the outside expertise often required to install and maintain it, OfficeCalendar is a both a timely and cost- effective solution for Outlook users that wish to collaborate with their co-workers.

Lookout Software remains dedicated to providing the small business community with choices. To us that means cost effective solutions and alternatives to applications that might otherwise be out of the budget ranges of small businesses. Keep your eyes open in the near future for other practical and cost-effective business software applications from Lookout Software or visit the official company website at www.lookoutsoftware.com.
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